ashtonirwin: when in Switzerland
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KIDS! kids! please… gather ‘round. it’s time for a bedtime story. *puts on reading glasses* *cracks open book* it started on a weekend in may

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she’s beauty and she’s grace, she dropped her phone on her face


can we start a new 5sosfam called the chillfam and we can be the ppl who don’t mob or attack our precious band members and we all get along happily and don’t start drama? pls sign my petition

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i’m laughing so hard because most celebrities go out in public in hoodies and sweatpants so that they’ll go unnoticed but taylor swift’s just like whatever man i’m gonna wear my 10 inch hot pink heels and my pretty dress and i’m just gonna take my sweet old time walking on the sidewalk and smiling at the paparazzi because i chose this life

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If ur mesaage sits in my ask box i am not ignoring u i am literally just too lazy to reply

66/? Dresses/outfits - Candids, May 24th
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humans were put on this earth to eat pizza and go to all time low concerts and if you’re not doing that you’re doing life wrong

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watching your favorite band grow older and more famous is probably one of the saddest, happiest and hardest things to do

5 Seconds of Summer perform on the Today Show - July 22nd, 2014 

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just close your eyes
the sun is going down
you’ll be alright
no one can hurt you now…

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